MTACFE April Luncheon

  • Thursday, April 21, 2016
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Scarritt Bennett Center, Bennett Hall, Raintree Room


  • First Time Attending a MTACFE Luncheon
  • Members registering before the deadline
  • For non-members who have previously attended at least one luncheon
MTACFE April Luncheon on April 21,  2016 at 11:30 in the Bennett Hall, Raintree Room, at the Scaritt Bennett Center.    The DEADLINE for reservations is the COB on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.   Members who register before the deadline are charged $10.  First-time guests that register before the deadline are invited to attend for free. A $20 fee is charged to other nonmembers, walk-ins on the day of the event, and for members and guests who do not attend without canceling before the deadline.

Presenter information:  Christopher E. Thorsen


As outside counsel, we are brought into fraud matters at all stages of companies’ investigations.  This presentation will walk through a case study of a fraud investigation from start to finish, and will provide an outside counsel perspective on: 1) how to best preserve and analyze the information available to perform the investigation; 2) conducting the investigation into possible wrong-doing (what happened or is happening); 3) considerations for achieving the best possible outcome vis-à-vis the wrong-doer(s); and 4) considerations for protecting the organization from governmental/regulatory enforcement and liability, civil liability, and media exposure.

The link below is to Scarritt Bennett maps pages for your reference. Please consider carpooling as the venue parking lots can fill due to other events on the campus.  Visitor parking is available in Parking A or Parking B.  Other parking options include the Wesley Place Garage on Scarritt Place between 19th and 21st Avenues or the meters along 19th Avenue. Approximate prices are $1.00 per half hour and the parking meters are $1.50 per hour in the Central Business District.

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